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2013 | 7th Form | Armenia

reading all time mydaughter wr i feel cry ,,,,we all seem like a food ,,,we all equal in life

Write On! Competition

Imagine the food in your refrigerator could talk. When the door is closed, what do you think they talk about? What do they say to each other?

Ani Naseri, Shirak

I think they talk about who will be eaten next, and they will be talking about each other, who is the best, the tasties, the fattest, the pretties, the uglies, the strongest, the cleverest, they might start fighting with each other, or they might start doing concerts or even organize parties.

There will be a leader who will rule the “Foody Worldy” this will be their country name. They won’t have rich food or poor food they will all be equal. They will live like humans. The only problem here will be that some of them will disappear as soon as I ate them. They will start gossiping, saying that I am cruel. They will have a court were they…

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